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Does your Bichon Frise ever do this?

My Pierre can be such a silly little thing sometimes…
He loves all of his toys. I have never seen even a human child so happy to have toys as my Bichon Frise. From what I’ve heard, he is not alone, the Bichon breed seems to be naturally drawn to love having and playing with toys.

Casper, missing his mommy here!
katieb50 / / CC BY

My Bichon Frise has quite a large collection of toys.
I won’t go into the numbers here and embarrass myself publicly. Lets just say, Pierre has more than his fair share of play things.

There are favorites. He knows several of them by name. One particular toy he seems to adore more than all the others. It’s this bone-shaped toy by Hartz.  I don’t know if it’s the shape, the texture, or the sound the squeaker makes, but he just adores this one, and almost always chooses it first to play with.

Every Night My husband & Pierre play fetch.
If the toy being thrown lands in a corner, among some shoes or otherwise is not totally in open space, my dog will not retrieve the toy. He will act like he’s scared to grab it from where ever it has landed. It’s always funny. Last night though, had to be the silliest example of this to date.

The Toy Landed in his Food Dish.
Pierre always has a bowl of dry food available to snack on whenever he gets hungry. The toy bone landed right in the dish, and I didn’t think much of it. Pierre on the other hand, found the scenario pretty disturbing. He approached the dish cautiously, and then quickly jumped back as if the toy or the dish might bite him in the nose if he got any any closer. Over and over again he would inch up to toy that was sitting atop his food bowl, and at the last moment, have a change of heart and jump backwards. He even left the room to find a different toy rather than risk getting the bone out of his food bowl.

Is this a Bichon Frise thing, or is my dog just strange?
As my husband walked past the food bowl a short time later, he casually picked up the toy and set it next to the bowl on the carpet. Pierre dashed right over there and grabbed that toy like he thought it may have been lost to the food bowl forever. Has your Bichon Frise ever done something similar. So often it seems owners of Bichons notice all sorts of little quirks and behaviors that other Bichon Frise owners see in their dogs as well. Send me a message or leave a comment. I always love to hear your thoughts and Bichon Frise stories.

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